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Trex Transcend Balusters

Trex Transcend Balusters


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Transcend Baluster Kits

Trex Transcend Balusters are available in square composite or round aluminum. Colors vary by selection. Install with the corresponding Infill Kit. Heights for 36" or 42" rail. 16 Square Composite Balusters per box. 20 Round Aluminum Balusters Per Box. Mix or match baluster colors with overall rail color for a custom look.

Trex Transcend Balusters:

  • Square Composite Balusters Available in Charcoal Black, Classic White, Rope Swing, or Vintage Lantern
  • Round Aluminum Balusters Available in Charcoal Black, Classic White,  or Bronze
  • Square Composite Balusters  - 16 Per Box
  • Round Aluminum Balusters - 20 Per Box
  • Square Composite Balusters For 36" Rail Measure 1.418”"sq x 30-3/8"
  • Square Composite Balusters For 42" Rail Measure 1.418”"sq x 36-3/8"
  • Round Aluminum Balusters For 36" Rail Measure 3/4" diameter x 30-1/4"
  • Round Aluminum Balusters For 42" Rail Measure 3/4" diameter x 36-1/4"
  • 6' Level Rail Sections Require 13 Square Composite Balusters or 15 Round Aluminum Balusters
  • 8' Level Rail Sections Require 18 Square Composite Balusters or 20 Round Aluminum Balusters
  • 6' Stair Rail Sections Require 11 Square Composite Balusters or 12 Round Aluminum Balusters
  • 8' Stair Rail Sections Require 15 Square Composite Balusters or 16 Round Aluminum Balusters
  • Made In The USA
  • Low Maintenance
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty
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