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Trex Signature Foot Blocks

Trex Signature Foot Blocks


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Signature Aluminum Foot Blocks

Trex Signature Foot Blocks support the bottom rail in a level rail section. Foot Blocks are required for 8' Level Signature Rail sections, & 1 is included for each kit. It's always a good idea to add a Foot Block to your 6' sections, or use 2 Foot Blocks on 8' sections - especially if you have kids.

Trex Signature Foot Blocks:

  • Available in Black, Bronze, or White
  • Required for 8' Level Rails (1 Footblock Included with 8' Rail Kit)
  • Includes Fastener
  • Made From Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Made In The USA
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty
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