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RailFX Series 250 Rail Connector Blocks

RailFX Series 250 Rail Connector Blocks


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Series 250 Rail Connector Blocks

RailFX Series 250 Rail Connector Blocks attach Series 250 Graspable Top Rails into posts. 1" Connector Block for basic level rail to post connections, & 12" Connector Block for splicing Top Rails, or cut for stair angles. Includes attaching screws.

RailFX Series 250 Rail Connector Blocks:

  • 1" Connector Block For Level Rail To Post Attachment
  • 1" Connector Block Includes 2 Screws
  • 12" Connector Block For Cutting Angled Stair Rail Blocks
  • 12" Connector Block Includes 6 Screws
  • 12" Connector Block Can Be Used As A Splice
  • For Splicing, Color Matched Screws Will Need To Be Purchased Separately
  • Made From Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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