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RailFX Oasis Cable Rail Posts

RailFX Oasis Cable Rail Posts


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RailFX Oasis Posts

Oasis Cable Rail Posts are part of RailFX's fast & easy cable rail system. Pre-Drilled posts for the cables & the brackets make installing cable rail almost effortless. Oasis Posts are Textured Black, 3x3 posts, available for 36" or 42" rail. Choice of End, Corner, Intermediate, Stair End, or Intermediate Stair. Use with DekPro Invisicable Kits.

Oasis Cable Rail Posts:

  • 38" (36" Rail Height) Or 44" (42" Rail Height) End, Line, or Corner Posts
  • 53" Stair End or Stair Line Posts Can Be Cut To Size
  • 35" (For 36" Rail), 41" (For 42" Rail)
  • Level Posts Include Attached Baseplate,1pc Post Skirt, & Post Cap
  • Corner Posts Include Conduit Piece For Cable Routing
  • Stair Posts Include Unattached Baseplate, Post Cap, & 1pc Post Skirt
  • 3" x 3"
  • Made From Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Powder Coated Textured Black
  • Pre-Drilled For Cable
  • Level Posts Pre-Drilled For Brackets
  • RailFX Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Install With 3/8" x 8" Lag Screws (Not Included)
  • Oasis Cable Rail Installation Guide
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