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Prova PA3 Wood Handrails

Prova PA3 Wood Handrails


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Prova Wood Handrail

Prova PA3 Wood Handrails are made of beechwood & available finished or unfinished, 79" length. PA3 Wood Handrails mount directly to Prova Posts as a top rail, or on walls with the PA9 Wall Mounts. Prova Handrails can be cut to fit or joined together for long, uninterrupted runs. 

Prova PA3 Wood Handrails:

  • Available in Pre-Finished or Unfinished
  • Finished Handrails Coated With A Tough Catalyzed Lacquer
  • If You Want To Use Finished Handrails Outdoors You Will Need To Seal Them
  • Unfinished Handrails Ready For Stain In The Color Of Your Choice
  • 1-1/2" Diameter Handrail
  • 79" Length
  • Mounts Directly To Prova Posts
  • Can Be Attached To Walls With PA9 Wall Mounts
  • Made From Beechwood
  • Recommended For Indoor Use Only
  • Simple Installation
  • ADA Compliant
  • Prova Railing Installation Guide
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