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LMT Mercer

LMT 12V Extension Cables

LMT 12V Extension Cables


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Low Voltage Extension Cables

LMT Mercer 12V Extension Cables make installing your LMT deck lights a breeze. No more stripping ends, twisting together, & taping connections, just plug these cables in & you're done. LMT LED Harness' available in 2', 5', 7', & 9' lengths. Use with LMT Splitters for multiple lights.


LMT 12V Extension Cables:

  • For Connecting LMT Deck Lights
  • 2', 5', 7', Or 9' Lengths
  • Female Connector On One End, Male On The Other
  • Keeps Polarity Correct
  • LMT 5 Year Low Voltage Lighting Warrant
  • Wiring Component Instructions
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