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Highpoint Deck Lighting

Highpoint Attach And Go Transformer Connector

Highpoint Attach And Go Transformer Connector


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Attach & Go Transformer Connector

Highpoint Deck Lighting Attach & Go Transformer Connectors are replacement cables for Aurora DC Transformers that connect those transformers to Highpoint lights with Attach & Go Connectors. Attach & Go Plugs install much faster than hardwiring.

Attach & Go Transformer Cable:

  • For Hooking Up Highpoint Attach & Go Lights To Aurora DC Transformers
  • 41" Long Transformer Cable
  • Attach & Go Male End For Transformer Connection
  • Attach Go Male End For Highpoint Light Connection
  • Waterproof Connectors
  • Weather Resistant Wire Coating
  • Transformer Connectors Will Only Work With Aurora DC Transformers
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