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FlexFX Metal Post Sleeve Cable Fittings

FlexFX Metal Post Sleeve Cable Fittings


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Cable Fittings for Metal Post Sleeves

FlexFX Swageless Metal Post Sleeve Cable Fittings anchor RailFX Bulk Cable to DekPro Post Sleeves, anchoring in the wood post. Simple to install, instead of crimping or clamping cable to the fittings, swageless fittings lock on to the cable. Push the cable in to the fitting & it's attached. You'll need a Push Lock Key to release the cable. Each cable run will need 1 tensioner & 1 push lock fitting on each end.

FlexFX Swageless Metal Post Cable Fittings:

  • Sold Individually
  • Must Use 1 Push Lock Fitting & 1 Tensioner For Each Cable Run
  • Available in for 1/8" Or 3/16" Cable
  • Level Or Stair
  • Made Of High Quality 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • For Use On Metal Post Sleeves
  • Made In The USA
  • FlexFX Cable Fittings Installation Instructions
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