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Expert Stain & Seal

Expert Stain Clean Up Degreaser

Expert Stain Clean Up Degreaser


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Clean Up Degreaser

Expert Stain Clean Up Degreaser is a powerful pre-treatment & oil based stain remover that not only cleans up stain spills off your deck, but will also clean stain off concrete, brick, siding, cement, anywhere you need to clean up excess stain. Pre-treat areas before staining for even easier clean up.

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Expert Clean Up Degreaser:

  • Cleans Stain Spills & Splashes
  • Will Clean Brick, Concrete, Cement, Windows, Siding, & More
  • Can Be Used As Pre-Treatment
  • Available In 1 Gallon Jug Or 5 Gallon Buckets
  • Mix 1 Part Degreaser With 4 Parts Water
  • 1 Gallon Degreaser Will Make 5 Gallons Clean Up Solution
  • Can Be Used Undiluted For Tough Spills
  • Caution - May Take Off Paint
  • Made In The USA
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