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DekPro Glass Baluster Connectors

DekPro Glass Baluster Connectors


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DekPro Glass Baluster Connectors

DekPro Glass Baluster Connectors for attaching DekPro Glass Balusters to rails. Available in Black, Bronze, or White, 2 per pack. DekPro Glass Connectors increase baluster height by 3/4". Stainless Steel Screws included.

DekPro Glass Baluster Connectors:

  • Straight Or Stair Glass Baluster Connectors
  • Available In Black, Bronze, & White
  • 2 Per Pack - Enough For 1 Baluster
  • 4 x 1-1/2" Stainless Steel Screws Included
  • Screws Hidden By Baluster
  • Straight Glass Connectors Measure 4.85" Wide x 1" High
  • Stair Glass Connectors Measure 4.93" Wide x 1" High
  • Glass Stair Connectors Will Work For Angles 34 - 36 Degrees
  • 1.5 Glass Balusters Needed Per Lineal Foot
  • Installation Instructions
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