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DekPro Effex Remote Dimmer

DekPro Effex Remote Dimmer


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DekPro Effex Remote Dimmer

DekPro Effex 12V Remote Dimmers work with DekPro Effex lights and transformers. The Remote Dimmer is waterproof and works with transformers up to 60 watts.

DekPro Effex 12V Dimmers:

  • Dimmer With Remote For DekPro Deck Lights
  • Designed To Be Used With Transformers Up To 60W
  • Onboard Dimming Functions & Power Button
  • Keychain Remote With Dimmer Functions, Mode Button, Power Button
  • Mode Button Cycles Thru 4 Light Levels
  • Total wattage should not exceed 80% of transformer capacity
  • 1 Year DekPro Warranty When Used With DekPro Transformer
  • Installation Instructions
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