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DekPro Cable Braces

DekPro Cable Braces


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DekPro Cable Brace

DekPro Cable Braces help keep your cable runs from sagging. Use intermediate cable braces in sections over 48' to keep cables from deflecting over 4" to maintain code compliance. 42" cable braces available pre-drilled for level cable runs, 50" pre-drilled braces for stair runs, or 42" undrilled braces available in black or anodized finish. If you want to match your rail color, 48" undrilled cable braces available in Absolute Black, Cocoa Bronze, Dream White, or Maple Cream.

Useful Tip - Pre-drilled cable braces can be used as templates for cable holes on blank posts.

DekPro Cable Braces:

  • Use For Cable Support Between Posts
  • 3/4" x 3/4"
  • Can Be Cut To Fit
  • Pre-Drilled Braces Have 12 Holes 3-1/8" Apart
  • 48" Undrilled Available in Absolute Black, Cocoa Bronze, Dream White, or Maple Cream - Use Baluster Connectors (Sold Separately) For Installation
  • 42" Pre-Drilled Level Available in Black or Anodized - Includes Connectors
  • 50" Pre-Drilled Stair Available in Black or Anodized - Includes Connectors
  • 42" Undrilled For Custom Level or Stair Available in Black or Anodized - Includes Connectors
  • Made From Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made In The USA
  • DekPro Cable Brace Installation Guide
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