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DekPro Baluster Template

DekPro Baluster Template


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DekPro Baluster Spacing Template

The DekPro Baluster Template provides the perfect baluster spacing for level, or straight, rails. Spaces 3/4" balusters 4-1/2" On Center, meeting code requirements. Speeds up installation, start at the center of your rail, place Round Baluster Connectors or Square Baluster Connectors in their respective holes & screw in. For Architectural Connectors use the small screw hole. Then add connectors towards each end. The Baluster Spacing Template can also be used for lining up Face Mount Balusters, use the screw holes for baluster location.


DekPro Baluster Template:

  • For Spacing 3/4" Balusters 4-1/2"OC
  • Spacing For Level Rail Only, Stair Balusters Install at 5-1/2"OC
  • Works With Round, Square, & Architectural DekPro Baluster Connectors
  • Will Work Spacing Face-Mount Balusters
  • 48" Length
  • Installation Instructions
  • Made In The USA
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