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Dekor Square Aluminum Baluster End Caps

Dekor Square Aluminum Baluster End Caps


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Square Baluster End Caps

Dekor Square Aluminum Baluster End Caps or Connectors for easy installation of Dekor Square Balusters, at the same time adding a decorative style to your deck rail. Available in surface mount Screw In style, Drilled In style where you press the ends into the rails, or Stair End Caps when you want a little more decoration. Dekor Baluster End Caps are made of the same aircraft grade aluminum & powder coating as the balusters. Use the Dekor Drill Jig to perfectly space balusters & end caps.

Dekor Square Baluster End Caps:

  • Available in Hammered White, Antique Metal Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brown Speckle, Dark Copper Vein, Pearl Shore, Majestic Stone, & Sultry Cove
  • Sold Individually - 2 Needed For Each Baluster, Top & Bottom
  • 1 QuickDrive Self-Tapping Screw Included
  • Extra 1/4" Hole In Each End Cap For Running Wire To Lighted Balusters
  • 2.6 Balusters Needed Per Lineal Foot
  • Made From Extra Thick 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • UV Protected Powder Coating 4-7 mils Thick
  • 30 Year Warranty
  • Screw In End Caps For Flush Mounting To Rails
  • Drilled In End Caps For Insert Mounting To Rails - Use Dekor's 0.900" Forstner Bit To Install
  • Stair End Caps For Drilled In Mounting To Stair Rails - Use Dekor's 0.900" Forstner Bit To Install
  • Stair End Caps Designed For Stair Angles 33 - 37 Degrees, Installs at 90 Degrees For Easy Placement
  • Screw In & Drilled In End Caps Made In The USA
  • Stair End Caps Made In China
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