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Dekor Enclosure Box

Dekor Enclosure Box


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Dekor EZ Outdoor Enclosure Box

Dekor Enclosure Boxes are designed to keep your deck lighting timer & transformer completely dry & safe. Clear plastic lid for photocell timers. Available as box only, or box with hinged mounting plate for timers.

Dekor Enclosure Box:

  • Watertight Electronics Enclosure
  • Clear Plastic Cover For Photocell Timers
  • Available With Or Without Hinged Mounting Plate
  • Mounting Plate Results In 3 Surfaces For Attaching Components To
  • IP67 Rated
  • NEMA Approved
  • Exterior Dimensions: 11.41" High x 9.41" Wide x 5.89" Deep
  • Interior Dimensions: 9.96” High x 8″ Wide x 5.56” Deep
  • No Pre-Drilled Cutout, Allows For Customizing To Your Needs
  • Mounting Brackets & Screws Included
  • Made In The USA
  • Installation Instructions
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