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Dekor Baluster Drill Jig

Dekor Baluster Drill Jig


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Baluster Drill Jig

The Dekor Baluster Drill Jig provides the perfect spacing when installing Dekor Drilled In End Caps on nominal 2x boards. Available as Jig only or a Kit with a 0.900" Forstner Bit. Simple to use, drill the first hole, place the jig in the hole, then drill the next hole exactly 4-5/8"OC. Just keep going along the board & you will be ready to install balusters in no time.

Dekor Baluster Drill Jig:

  • For Dekor Drilled In End Caps
  • Spaces Holes 4-5/8" On Center
  • Drill Jig Only, If You Already Have A 0.900" Forstner Bit
  • Kit With Jig & 0.900" Forstner Bit Available
  • Will Also Work With Dekor Stair End Caps
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