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Camo Marksman Pro Tool

Camo Marksman Pro Tool


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Camo Marksman Pro

Camo Marksman Pro Tools set the perfect angle for driving Camo Edge Deck Screws in composite deck boards. The Marksman Pro tool sits on the deck board & has 2 guides for the screws on each side. The screws are driven in at a 45 degree angle on the edge of the board. You can install any 5-1/2" - 5-3/4" deck board fast with a virtually fastener free look.


Camo Marksman Pro Tool:

  • For Camo Edge Deck Screws
  • No Pre-Drilling Required
  • Works On Composite, PVC, Cedar, Or Hardwood Deck Boards
  • Fits 5-1/2" - 5-3/4" Deck Boards
  • Tool Grips Deck Board
  • Screw Guides For Each Side Of Deck Board
  • Automatically Spaces Boards 3/16"
  • Camo 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Camo Marksman Pro Tool Instructions
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