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Dekor Heavy Duty Connector Cables

Dekor Heavy Duty Connector Cables


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Plug-N-Play Heavy Duty Connector Cables

Dekor Heavy Duty Connector Cables are outdoor use lighting cables direct bury rated. Designed for landscape lights, but very useful for more protection when running wire under decks. 2 male Plug-N-Play ends.

Dekor Heavy Duty Connector Cables:

  • 5', 10', & 20' Lengths
  • 5' & 10' Cables 22/2 With Heavy Duty Casing
  • 20' Cables 20/2 With Heavy Duty Casing
  • Male Plug-N-Play Connectors On Each End
  • Waterproof Connection
  • Built To Withstand All Weather
  • Installation Instructions
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