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DeckWise WiseRail Cable Braces

DeckWise WiseRail Cable Braces


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WiseRail 42" Cable Braces

DeckWise WiseRail Cable Braces are used to help keep cables taught on longer runs. Recommended on runs 6' & up, required on 8' runs in some locations. Made of anodized aluminum, WiseRail Cable Braces are 42" high but can be cut to any rail height. Pre-drilled for level runs, or undrilled for stair or custom runs.

Useful Tip - Pre-drilled cable braces can be used as templates for cable holes on blank posts.

WiseRail Cable Braces:

  • Use For Cable Support Between Posts
  • 1 Cable Brace Per Pack
  • 3/4" x 3/4"
  • 42" High, Can Be Cut To Fit
  • Pre-Drilled Braces Have 13 Holes 3-1/8" Apart, & Include 2 Connectors
  • Undrilled Braces For Stair Or Custom Cable Runs, & Include 2 Stair Connectors
  • Made Of Anodized Aluminum
  • Connectors Included To Attach To Top Rail & Bottom Rail Or Deck
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